Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Sweetheart Bodycon Dress

Hi everyone!
So I made a new dress for my shop. What do you think? I had a little trouble with the dress though..I wanted to add an embellishment (silver ribbons at the shoulders to resemble fireworks). Then I had to step back and readjust my thinking. The dress screamed 'New Years Eve party' with the silver-ness on the shoulders..but if I left it plain, it would give the wearer more options with accessorizing and the dress would be more versatile (casual daytime dress, worn to the beach, can be dressed up for a night out). Here are pictures to show what I'm talking about...
First idea..still very fond of it. Would work better I think on a black dress. Must make it an upcoming project.

More firework action..

Decided to go simple after all.
So what's your take on this dress - with and without the silver action? Leave your comments below:)
Btw, I will be posting this dress to my shop ( very soon..after I decide what pictures to use!

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