Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trip to the Lakeside and Fabric Shopping!

Hey y'all!

So this past Monday was a holiday and my mom, sister, a friend and I went on a nature walk by the lakeside. We went in the evening which cooled us down after a superhot day. There were huge clusters of those tiny flies circling about in midair and my sister tried hiding her face in her shirt, in my hair, in my armpit just to avoid those flies getting into her mouth. It was hilarious! I totally enjoyed the walk even though I was also trying to avoid the pesky little flies too (especially when I was eating an ice cream cone). Here are some of the pictures I took.


So serene and peaceful, isn't it?

Beautiful greenery illuminating in the sunlight.

These rocks are beautiful. I love the colour grey!

Look at the little moon in the sky!

Ahh..the smell of new fabrics! lol The following day my sister accompanied me on my journey downtown to the fashion district to buy some new fabrics for designs I've sketched. So excited to make them all! I'll keep you posted:)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Shopping Finds!

So as you may know I am in love with the nude/beige/peach colour palette this season. I went to an Oriental mall on Saturday looking for a pair of soft neutral coloured shoes and a cardigan to go with an outfit I'm planning to make. I am in LOVE with the shoes I bought and we were able to bargain it down to an unbelievable price! Let's just say I got these shoes for under $40!! They are so stylish, the colour is PERFECT and they are so darn comfortable.

Do you love 'em or do you LOVE 'em?

The fabric I'm using for the outfit I'm planning. It matches perfectly!

This is the cardigan I got. It is so soft, light and super chic. I can wear it very ladylike like I am in these pictures or I can edge it up at night with my over-the-knee black boots.

That's all for now! By the way, I received half of the photos (1025!) from my photoshoot for my Honey Bliss collection. They're awesome! I am updating my shop with the pictures right now! http://www.honeybliss.etsy.com

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Floral Vintage Inspired Button Down Dress

So here's a picture of my close to finished vintage inspired button down floral dress. I have accessorized it with a thin red patent belt.

I will be wearing it to an event coming up in June. I will post a photo of my head to toe finished look.

By the way, this dress was supposed to be part of my Daydreamers Collection for Honey Bliss, but only a limited amount of this fabric was available at the store and I really wanted to make myself this dress. Also, the day of the photoshoot crept up and I hadn't even touched the fabric yet so I decided to just make it mine:) I will make a dress like this for my shop some time in the future though, for sure.

Anyway, about to watch 90210 so bye for now!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Button Down Garden Dress Project & Fave New Earrings

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog and my first post:)

So I recently bought these stud earrings.

I absolutely ADORE them. They are supercute and feature 2 of my favourite trends for this spring/summer season: Flowers and Pastel/Neutral colours. I would love to create a dress inspired by all three of these lovelies!

As I exclaimed in my recent youtube video, I finally bought a dress form. It was hard for me to find one. I needed it to be pinnable, adjustable and I really wanted a white or light grey one. But only the reds were available online but the shipping was way too much and some sites didn't even ship to Canada. So I ended up searching for shops that sell sewing supplies in my area, devoted a whole morning to phoning each one of them and successfully found one that had the very same dressform I wanted at an incredible price. So happy! So I made a skirt and I'm making myself a button down floral dress right now.
Added the collar.

The sleeves.