Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Website - honeyblissclothing.com!

Hurray! I've launched my http://www.honeyblissclothing.com/! There you will find my new frequently updated blog and anything and everything to do with my clothing line!

See you there!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Items in My Shop!

It's been a while since i blogged anything and I've made a couple attempts to close this thing, but I've decided I will keep it. At least for a little while. Hopefully I will make the time to blog more frequently. We'll see how that goes.

Anyhow, I've made a few items and had a mini photoshoot this passed Sunday. Here are a few pictures. Check out my shop to see all the new clothes! ~> http://www.honeybliss.etsy.com/

Special thanks to my fabulous models and makeup artist for making this such a success! :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monique's Couture Ties!

Hi darlings,

So I've been crazy busy these past couple weeks and I've wanted to post a few blogs about fashion trends I like as well as show a couple outfit of the days but haven't gotten the chance to. I will post them soon though, but for now I wanted to put up something I've been so excited about. I've made my first tie! It was pretty easy. I came up with a very unique idea and went with it and I'm totally loving the way they turned out. I made them out of satin and black lace for a mysterious and dark romantic look.

I gave them away to a couple friends of mine and they totally rocked it! I'm happy to say I am now accepting orders for these HoneyBliss Couture Ties in these, as well as other colours, and will be putting them up on my Honeybliss website soon! I have so many other great, unique tie ideas that I can't wait to make! Be sure to check out my shop (http://www.honeybliss.etsy.com/) soon for great ties for your loved ones or even for yourself!

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Got It From My Mama

Hi Bellas!

Here's a tribute to my fashionista mom! I made her sunny yellow blouse - puff sleeves, button up and tons of ruffles around the neck. She loves colours and always combines them in outifts in a very chic way.
Like mother like daughter!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Room and Re-Decorating Plans


So I'm totally slacking on my posts. I shouldn't be because I constantly have a lot of things to write about, one of them being my bedroom/studio. I have my bed and dresser on one side of my room, that I call my bedroom, and on the opposite wall I have my sewing machine and work table, that I call my 'studio.' The table started off being clean and tidy with nothing much really on it. But, of course, it now looks like this.
I tell myself it's only because I am currently working on a few dresses at once, which makes sense because the table is a convenient spot to rest all of my work-in-progress.
I've recently decided to renovate my room. My room is painted a lilac colour that I've grown out of and it darkens up my room. I don't get much sunlight in my room and the cool colour just makes my room look cold. I've chosen to repaint it a peach colour. It's much warmer and my room will look a bit sunnier. Not only will I paint the walls that colour but I will also, somehow, use a stencil to paint over it a white swirly pattern so that it resembles lace. I also plan on getting a new door, new furniture stuff and redoing my closet. Phew.
I'm so excited to be working on this new project! I will be posting pictures and more posts showing its progress. My sister will also be redoing her walls. Her room is a sunny yellow, but she is going to paint it pink with glitter! I can't wait to see how that'll turn out and I'll add pictures of that to my blog as well.
Ciao for now!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So Many Dresses in So Little Time

Hey guys:)

So I've been occupied lately making dresses for a few of my friends who've placed custom orders with me. I was pretty nervous because I've only made custom clothing for myself, my sister and my mom. This was now my first job and I wanted it to be perfect. I've made 4 dresses so far and I must say I've learned quite a bit about proper fit and taking correct measurements. Now I feel that I might be ready to take custom orders for my clothing on my shop.

So here are a few of the many pictures I took of my sewing journeys.

First was a spectacularly vivid green strapless dress.

Taking shape..

Then I worked on a red sweetheart strapless dress.
Forming the heartshape neckline
Almost done..

Work it!!

Next was a white dress that I designed using the same strapless pencil style she liked.

Forming a creative neckine featuing a v-neck and pleats design.
Made the top back stretchy using elastic to guarantee proper fit.

Et Voila! Gorgeous in white.

Right after these dresses I started making my own dress for a party.
Strips of fabric that, when sewn together, magically transforms in to a dress!

It's party time!
Then I started working on a snakeskin dress that was another custom order. I'll put up pics next time!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebrating Amazing Style : Whitney Port

Hi chicas!

So I've decided to write occasional posts about my admiration for certain celebrities' styles. To name a few of my favourite stylish gals are Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad, Rihanna and Vanessa Hudgens. But today I am compelled to write about my absolute favourite: Whitney Port!

Her style is so full of personality. It ranges from quirky with an eclectic mix of patterns, colours and/or fabrics to glam, downtown chic looks. Her style at times is reminiscent of the 60's/70's which I appreciate because I love the 70s/60s fashions. I love that she isn't shy with colours. She almost always wears bright colours, or muted pastel colour combinations or bold colourful patterns - sometimes toned down with a black or other neutral coloured staple. I love wearing colours (you will not find me wearing head to toe black on black) and my designs are a reflection of that.

This outfit, for example, is amazing. Although it is full black, it is so visually attractive! The mixture of black and white checkered over stripes and the triangular earrings - all these different patterns are skillfully put together. The nightlife heels, the nude chain bag and party hair could not be any more perfect of an addition to this look. This is an example of an amazing outfit I would store away in that 'special part' of my brain for future reference!
I loved watching the City because it was very interesting and inspiring to see Whitney start up her line (which I'm in the middle of doing..on a much smaller scale of course), but I loved watching it because of her style. She had different spring-loving, pretty looks - hair, makeup, clothing - the whole package.

First of all, let's briefly talk hair. She is well known for her full, wavy long hair with a centre part - which is fab in itself - but she also does little unique things like twisting a small portion of the front and tucking it back or braiding both sides of the front and pinning it back. She also does the cutest updo's perfect for summer, like twisting the front portions of hair and pulling everything back into a bun or even sporting a quick, messy-in-a-chic-way high bun on top of the head. I've worn my hair into a side braid with pastel coloured rose stud earrings inpsired a la Whitney:) It kind of reminded me of her when I wore my hair like that with the studs, and when my bestie saw me she was like, 'Omg! That's so Whitney!' And I was like, 'I know right!'

(I absolutely love the way she wore this oversized dvf sequined blazer! It could easily look overbearing but she paired it with mellow pieces to keep the glam under control. Now I feel the need to rock an oversized sequined blazer. I can see it now...amazing.)

Then there's the makeup. Whitney usually sports minimal makeup for a fresh daytime look - pale lips and soft black eyeliner that emphasizes her big round eyes. A few other times she's added a pop of colour to her face with electric pink lipstick and a dewy complexion.

Her accessories are also great. For example, she wears these amazing pearl ball earrings with gold accents jutting out from underneath. They go very well with complementing her look. I think I'm subconsciously on a mission to find a similar pair. They're so chic and vintage looking..can you blame me?

What is your favourite Whitney fashion moment?