Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monique's Couture Ties!

Hi darlings,

So I've been crazy busy these past couple weeks and I've wanted to post a few blogs about fashion trends I like as well as show a couple outfit of the days but haven't gotten the chance to. I will post them soon though, but for now I wanted to put up something I've been so excited about. I've made my first tie! It was pretty easy. I came up with a very unique idea and went with it and I'm totally loving the way they turned out. I made them out of satin and black lace for a mysterious and dark romantic look.

I gave them away to a couple friends of mine and they totally rocked it! I'm happy to say I am now accepting orders for these HoneyBliss Couture Ties in these, as well as other colours, and will be putting them up on my Honeybliss website soon! I have so many other great, unique tie ideas that I can't wait to make! Be sure to check out my shop ( soon for great ties for your loved ones or even for yourself!

Thanks for stopping by!

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