Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So Many Dresses in So Little Time

Hey guys:)

So I've been occupied lately making dresses for a few of my friends who've placed custom orders with me. I was pretty nervous because I've only made custom clothing for myself, my sister and my mom. This was now my first job and I wanted it to be perfect. I've made 4 dresses so far and I must say I've learned quite a bit about proper fit and taking correct measurements. Now I feel that I might be ready to take custom orders for my clothing on my shop.

So here are a few of the many pictures I took of my sewing journeys.

First was a spectacularly vivid green strapless dress.

Taking shape..

Then I worked on a red sweetheart strapless dress.
Forming the heartshape neckline
Almost done..

Work it!!

Next was a white dress that I designed using the same strapless pencil style she liked.

Forming a creative neckine featuing a v-neck and pleats design.
Made the top back stretchy using elastic to guarantee proper fit.

Et Voila! Gorgeous in white.

Right after these dresses I started making my own dress for a party.
Strips of fabric that, when sewn together, magically transforms in to a dress!

It's party time!
Then I started working on a snakeskin dress that was another custom order. I'll put up pics next time!

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