Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Room and Re-Decorating Plans


So I'm totally slacking on my posts. I shouldn't be because I constantly have a lot of things to write about, one of them being my bedroom/studio. I have my bed and dresser on one side of my room, that I call my bedroom, and on the opposite wall I have my sewing machine and work table, that I call my 'studio.' The table started off being clean and tidy with nothing much really on it. But, of course, it now looks like this.
I tell myself it's only because I am currently working on a few dresses at once, which makes sense because the table is a convenient spot to rest all of my work-in-progress.
I've recently decided to renovate my room. My room is painted a lilac colour that I've grown out of and it darkens up my room. I don't get much sunlight in my room and the cool colour just makes my room look cold. I've chosen to repaint it a peach colour. It's much warmer and my room will look a bit sunnier. Not only will I paint the walls that colour but I will also, somehow, use a stencil to paint over it a white swirly pattern so that it resembles lace. I also plan on getting a new door, new furniture stuff and redoing my closet. Phew.
I'm so excited to be working on this new project! I will be posting pictures and more posts showing its progress. My sister will also be redoing her walls. Her room is a sunny yellow, but she is going to paint it pink with glitter! I can't wait to see how that'll turn out and I'll add pictures of that to my blog as well.
Ciao for now!

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