Monday, May 17, 2010

Shopping Finds!

So as you may know I am in love with the nude/beige/peach colour palette this season. I went to an Oriental mall on Saturday looking for a pair of soft neutral coloured shoes and a cardigan to go with an outfit I'm planning to make. I am in LOVE with the shoes I bought and we were able to bargain it down to an unbelievable price! Let's just say I got these shoes for under $40!! They are so stylish, the colour is PERFECT and they are so darn comfortable.

Do you love 'em or do you LOVE 'em?

The fabric I'm using for the outfit I'm planning. It matches perfectly!

This is the cardigan I got. It is so soft, light and super chic. I can wear it very ladylike like I am in these pictures or I can edge it up at night with my over-the-knee black boots.

That's all for now! By the way, I received half of the photos (1025!) from my photoshoot for my Honey Bliss collection. They're awesome! I am updating my shop with the pictures right now!

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