Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Floral Vintage Inspired Button Down Dress

So here's a picture of my close to finished vintage inspired button down floral dress. I have accessorized it with a thin red patent belt.

I will be wearing it to an event coming up in June. I will post a photo of my head to toe finished look.

By the way, this dress was supposed to be part of my Daydreamers Collection for Honey Bliss, but only a limited amount of this fabric was available at the store and I really wanted to make myself this dress. Also, the day of the photoshoot crept up and I hadn't even touched the fabric yet so I decided to just make it mine:) I will make a dress like this for my shop some time in the future though, for sure.

Anyway, about to watch 90210 so bye for now!

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